• A modern block

  • in the centre of Rīga.

  • A unique space for someone

  • who wants to feel life

  • here and now.

  • The Rotermann Block – a place where you can nurture your sense of an urban life.

    It is to be a diverse block in the most active part of the large city. Everyday processes will allow you to feel as if you were taking a walk and to breathe freely, because after all, everything will be close to you – your family, your job and your entertainment. You’ll enjoy unhurried meals and nearby restaurants. You will be able to take short walks to enjoy timely exhibitions in the Old City which is right nearby at the end of the street. You’ll be able to meet people and live and work without wasting time on the road. You’ll be able to be together with everything that is important to you.

    You’ll feel your urban heartbeat here.

    Permission received for detailed plans related to land in the territory of the Sports Palace.
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    The foundation for the next phase is a construction proposal from Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ.
    A bid for tenders has been launched to find a developer.

    Krisjana Barona street 75
    Building Lot No. 32

    „Rotermann square” is a unique project - a Quarter in a center of a city. It will be located between Terbatas, Barona, Lielgabalu and Artilērijas street. It will ba a silent, cheerfull, welcoming and active environment, close to home, close to the place of the meeting and important events, great for cycling and near public transport.

    About the Project
    • Max height 24m
    • Floors 6-7
    • The maximum building area 60%
    • Lot Size 20 240 m2
    • The first stage 2018 gads
    • The total building area 91 109 m2
    • Overground area of the building 70 886 m2

    Underground parking is planed to be constructed under the quarter in a total area of 20 240 m2. In addition it will be possible to park your car in a nearby car parking lot located in Lielgabalu street 4, where the parking area will be designed for 290 parking spots.

    „Rotermann square” is in the active city centre, near two of the city’s largest thoroughfares – Brīvības Street and Čaka Street. It is 15 minutes away by foot from Old Rīga and is located between Tērbatas, Lielgabalu, Artilērijas and Krišjāņa Barona streets.

    The central location makes it easy to get there via public transportation or by bicycle. Tram, trolley bus and bus stops are three minutes away by foot.

    In the past, there were artillery barracks and warehouse barns here. An 1883 map shows that the barracks also had internal parade grounds. Locksmiths used to have their workshops opposite the building lot in Artilērijas Street, which meant that at one time it was known as Locksmith Workshop Street. Cannon repair workshops were located in Lielgabalu (Cannon) Street. The barracks were torn down in 1948, when the military moved elsewhere.

    During the latter half of the 1950s, there were plans to build a cinema and concert hall on the lot, but that did not happen. In 1964, in honour of the centenary of Lenin’s birth, a competition was announced for a design of a new Rīga Sports Palace. The winner was Oļģerts Krauklis, work on the building began in 1969, and it was first opened in 1970. The Rīga Dinamo hockey team began its legendary career there. In 2001, the Sports Palace was privatised, and in 2007, it was torn down.

    Tearing down of the Sports Palace



    U.S.Invest is private equity investment company making strategic investments in fast growing companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. Rotermann Group is the real estate arm of investment management group U.S.Invest.

    Rotermann Group

    100% Capital Company of Estonia. Owned by well-known Estonian businessman Uramas Söörumaa. The best known project of Rotermann Group is the Rotermann Square in Talllinn.

    Rotermann Latvia

    Roterman Group subsidiary company in Latvia, which operates with real estate project developments.

    Other projects

    A multifunctional office building for AS G4S Latvia and AS G4S Cash Services

    About the building
    • Address: Stigu Street 10, Rīga
    • A multifunctional office building with enhanced security
    • Total floor space: 5979 m2
    • Total land area: 9979 m2
    • Building opened in June 2009
    G4S Latvija

    G4S Latvija is a leader in security services, as well as Latvia’s leading employer. G4S Latvija is the local representative of the world’s largest security service provider, G4S.

    Rotermann City in Tallinn

    About the building
    • Address: Rotermanni 8, 10111 Tallinn
    • A set of buildings near the old city of Tallinn
    • Total floor space: 70 000 m2
    Completed building projects:
    • 35 000 m2 by the end of 2014
    • 25 000 m2 by the end of 2016
    • 11 000 m2 in 2017 and 2018
    Rotermann City

    Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn has turned into an urban space with unique architecture and an active rhythm of life. The developer, Rotermann City OÜ, has worked with many architectural firms for more than eight years to create a unique set of buildings.

    A new name has been granted to Rotermann and Rosen streets and the Rotermann Square has become the heart of the district.

    Kristīne Stabiņa
    Member of the Board

    SIA Rotermann Latvia

    Kr. Barona street 75, Riga, LV-1001

    Permission received for detailed plans related to land in the territory of the Sports Palace.

    SIA Rotermann Latvia has received permission from the Rīga City Construction Board to draft detailed plans for the territory of the former Rīga Sports Palace at Kr. Barona Street 75. The Rotermann Block is to be developed in accordance with the traditions of Rīga’s historical centre, also improving the environment of Rīga as a modern city.

    The plan is to construct a modern and unique block of flats, offices, and locations for relaxation in a special and publicly available internal courtyard. The project is aimed at becoming an organic part of Rīga’s environment, respecting the fact that it is in the historical city centre. There are two be six buildings with semi-private internal courtyards, thus ensuring architectural compatibility with the surrounding environment. The land is 20,240 m 2 in size, with the planned area of an underground level to cover 20,000 m 2 . Above-ground buildings are to have total floor space of around 70,000 m 2 .

    After consultations with the proponents of the project, the detailed plans will be drawn up by SIA Grupa 93 for the whole territory. There will be six rounds of construction, each on a separate plot of land. The buildings are to be built around the external perimeter of the block.

    “We are sure that the Rotermann Block will supplement the historical centre with a modern environment that will strike a balance between urban and natural life, also ensuring a high level of quality for people’s lives and work,” says SIA Rotermann Latvia board member and project director Kristīne Stabiņa.

    History of the territory

    Historical maps of Rīga show that in 1812, there were artillery barracks and warehouses at the location that is now Kr. Barona Street 75. The land belonged to the city. During the latter half of the 1950s, there were plans to build a cinema there, but that did not happen. In 1964, plans began to build the Sports Palace, and the design was entrusted to Oļģerts Krauklis. The Sports Palace was built in 1969, and the Rīga Dinamo hockey team launched its recognition and fame there. The Sports Palace was privatised in 2001 and torn down in 2007.

    Rotermann Group and Rotermann Latvia

    The Rotermann Group and its subsidiary, Rotermann Latvia, can be proud of a success story in Tallinn where, over the course of more than eight years, they have worked with various architectural offices to create a modern and user-friendly urban environment with an historical atmosphere – Rotermann City. The block is beloved by local residents and guests for leisure, work and living. As is the case in Tallinn, the block in Rīga will be built in several rounds, with a bid for tenders organised for architects in each case.

    SIA Rotermann Latvia is a Rotermann Group subsidiary in Latvia and engages in the development of real estate project. The Rotermann Group is wholly owned by Estonian Urmas Söörumaa.